The Grand Tour Series 2 Episode 10 review

The Grand Tour tests the Alfa Romeo Stelvio, Porsche Macan, and Range Rover Velar in the rugged and challenging landscape of Canada. Back in the UK, Jeremy conducts a legally perilous test of the Tesla Model X and Rory McIlroy takes on Paris Hilton in Celebrity Face Off.


This weeks episode opens with the three presenters discussing how useful SUV’s are and if any they could not agree on which is best, so they decided to bring The Grand Tour to Canada.

Jeremy arrives in the Alpha Romeo Stelvio  James May arrives in the Range Rover Velar and Richard Hammond arrives in the new Porsche Macan. before Hammond arrives in his Porsche James and Jeremy have a discussion about the appearance of James’ car, this goes on for a while before Hammond arrives.

The Presenters are tasked to complete 3 types of challenges all exclusive to their vehicle’s capabilities; each testing the SPORT, UTILITY and VEHICLE part of the SUV, it is proven that by the end of all the tests that SUV’s are completely useless unless absolutely necessary.

Moving on to conversation street

maxresdefault (1)

Still sticking to the topic of SUV’s Jeremy explains how popular SUV’s have become in recent months apparently he says

Once one person’s got one everyone’s got have one

and then Hammond continues the conversation adding to Jeremy’s point of how silly they (SUV’s) have become saying that when he tried to do a small bit of off-roading  they just panicked and went into limp home mode. The Topic of SUV’s among others are discussed in this segment of the show.


The Review of the Tesla Model X

This is a very interesting and insightful review of the tesla provided by Mr. Clarkson, this topic of discussion is not open for me to write about as i have little to no interest in the subject of electric cars… well worth the watch as Clarkson’s review is very entertaining


Celebrity Face Off


Rory McIlroy takes on Paris Hilton in This weeks Celebrity Face Off.

Jeremy Starts the conversation by asking the guests about their car history and past history with the cars that they have had and this again is also very entertaining and well Worth the watch.

Rory Mcllroy completed his lap in a time of 1:21.9

Paris Hilton completed her lap in a time of 1:25.8


The Final SUV Test

this is a continuation of the previous SUV segments seen earlier in the show this again being very entertaining and proving once more that SUV’s are useless unless absolutely necessary.


And That’s it for this review; I will be back next week with the final review of the concluding episode to this series; see you then.




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